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Developing Confident, Fearless, Commanding, Spiritual personalities for overall development of society and mankind

With this Aim, Om Education Society, Akola is devoted to Education, Development, and Research activities relating to Humanity. It works on the principles of Vedas and non conventional education.

Our Main Objects are;

As in the past games of the Counter-Strike series, the game process in the Global Offensive is built around the execution of certain missions on the map. At the beginning of the match, each player chooses a side – special forces or terrorists, then tries to fulfill the mission or completely kill all the players of the opposing team. If you are interested in betting on csgo, you can always go to the site, familiarize yourself with the teams and make a bet for a certain match.
The game takes place in several rounds, each of them end, if all the players on one side die, or when one of the teams fulfills its mission. In most game modes, after his death, the player must wait for the end of the round before the revival.