Education and Researches


To impart vocational education in relation to computer sciences, and also to study Vedic sciences, principles, and related literature s and to conduct research, to impart technical, vocational and professional knowledge, with a motive of utilizing the knowledge contained in them for the betterment of mankind.

The educational activity is carried on, following the ancient Indian principles and traditions. Pralhad Ashram Chaturved Pathshala, Akola is offering Vedic education based on ancient system of imparting education through Gurukuls. The entire curriculum is delivered to the students totally free, from our Pathshala. The practical’s, basic conventional education along with Yoga is also the part of our curriculum.

The trust for the purpose of the object of spreading the Vedic knowledge conducts mass education on the related Social & Cultural issues, by organizing Camps and study symposium, Seminars, conferences, Workshops, Gatherings and Upasana Shibirs throughout India.